About Ggee Foundation

Ggee is founded in 2023 and registered as local & learning NGO working to end poverty and improve well being of the most marginalized in our community through ending all forms of violence against women and girls, improving access to education and breaking social-cultural barriers.

Ggee Foundation: Empowering Communities, Changing Lives

Founded in 2023 and officially registered as a local and learning non-governmental organization (NGO), Ggee Foundation is an inspiring force dedicated to eradicating poverty and enhancing the well-being of the most marginalized individuals in our community. The organization’s primary focus lies in combating all forms of violence against women and girls, promoting access to education, and breaking down deep-rooted social and cultural barriers.

Mission and Vision:

Ggee Foundation’s mission is to create a society where every individual, regardless of their gender, socio-economic background, or cultural identity, can live a life free from violence and discrimination. By empowering women and girls through education, the organization aims to elevate communities and foster sustainable development.

Our vision is a world where gender equality is a reality, where women and girls are respected, empowered, and fully participate in all aspects of life, from education and employment to decision-making processes.

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls:

Ggee Foundation recognizes that violence against women and girls is a significant barrier to social progress and a fundamental violation of human rights. To combat this pervasive issue, the organization conducts awareness campaigns, workshops, and counseling sessions to educate both women and men about gender-based violence and its impact on society. They work closely with law enforcement and local authorities to ensure that perpetrators of violence are brought to justice and that survivors receive the support they need.

Breaking Social-Cultural Barriers:

Ggee Foundation recognizes the importance of addressing deeply ingrained social and cultural norms that perpetuate gender inequality and limit the potential of women and girls. They engage in community dialogues, workshops, and cultural events to challenge harmful practices and encourage positive change. By fostering dialogue and cooperation, Ggee Foundation seeks to build a society that embraces diversity and values the contributions of all its members.

Approach and Collaboration:

Ggee Foundation operates on the principle of inclusivity, collaborating with various stakeholders, including government agencies, other NGOs, and local communities. By working together, they create a network of support and resources that can drive sustainable change and uplift marginalized communities.